Friday, July 16, 2010

how to eat

How to eat? what kind of blog is this?? of course I know how to eat I've been doing it every day of my life! I'm sure most of you are thinking that to yourselves when reading the title of this blog post.
We don't really eat in the way we our ancestors did or cave men for that matter, some where along the line we as human beings messed up. Food should be simple natural and should always be healthy because food is really the fuel to bodies it's what keeps us healthy. Eat the wrong foods and you gain weight, become obese, get cavities, have low energy and even get cancer. Eat the right foods and you avoid all that.
Think of you body like an exotic car, if you drove a Ferrari would you use regular gas in it? would you substitute high grade motor oil for cooking oil or lard? of course not. Then why do it to your body?
I see the way people eat and it makes me think of drug addicts addicted to a substance that they believe to be OK because they bought it at the local supermarket. Some of the stuff labeled as food and snacks are just plain poison. Ask yourself this question " do I want to look the majority of people I see in my local McDonald's?" Pass by any fast food joint and look in the window and you'll see sad over weight people with little or no self control.
So how do we eat? Well lets think back to our closest relatives, monkeys. Monkeys and all animals in the wild for that matter will eat new foods by first smelling it, tasting it (to make sure it's not poisonous) and then eating. Non of these animals cook their foods, think about that for a second, humans are the only living species that cooks food. So whats wrong with cooking food? well for starters if you can't eat it raw then maybe it's not all that good for you cooked, for sure you're losing vitamins and minerals by cooking. Another thing is that if it comes in a can or its pre packaged avoid it, buy your food local and organic if possible, organic to avoid additives and local because local food is truly fresh food , you want to eat produce that gets ripe on the vine (to get all the nutrients) not in a truck. Eat food that is in season, there's a reason why we life certain foods like watermelon in the summer rather then the winter. And lastly eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables through out the day and save the grains and cooked foods and heavy protein for dinner.

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