Saturday, May 29, 2010

Validation and then some

Is there anything more important to the human psyche than wanting to be validated? Think about it. We all work hard at what we do yet with little support or encouragement. In fact most of the time we get beaten down by the powers that be when we try our hardest but it's not a reason to despair.

Sure we get down from time to time but life is only a roller coaster with just as many ups as there are downs. Maybe instead of looking around the corner and anticipating the next life threatening challenge, think instead of all the great surprises life will have in store for you. Make the best with what you have and enjoy yourself. I have to say that many times I find people with much less in life enjoying themselves more than those who are well off and there is really a lesson to be learned if you look for it.

So wake and smile, embrace the day and be grateful for all of the little things. And as it goes you may feel unappreciated out there but I think of all the strangers and friends alike buzzing around like worker bees doing the best with what life has given us. Though you may not realize it, there are people out there like me quietly validating you.

Here are a couple of tips to help you with your daily struggle:
  1. Meditate: even 10 minutes a day will help you.
  2. Gratitude: Be grateful for all you have and remember there are people truly suffering in this world and you really do have it good.
  3. Exercise: It is so important and I can't stress it enough. Studies have shown that running alone has done more for to relieve depression than any prescribed medicine.
Below is my favorite youtube video which is guaranteed to make you smile.

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