Friday, May 7, 2010

So now it's Yoga for runners?

OK folks let get one this straight here, ALL yoga classes are suited for runners. I've been doing yoga longer than I've been running (really.) What I've noticed is that yoga tends to market itself to whatever is style or fad is popular. But really it's all the same poses structured more or less the same way. Yoga is beneficial to runners mostly because it strengthens the core. In fact yoga will not only strengthen your core but it will teach you focus, discipline, calms your mind and stretches your your body in a way most stretching routines don't, this is all very helpful to runners.

So next time you see a something labeled 'Yoga for .... '(you fill in the blank) know that it's a marketing tool for beginners and novice practitioners unsure of how yoga benefits them. In fact it seems kind un-yogi to me to fool the public with gimmicks and nonsense.

By the way there are a bunch of DVDs out on the market also labeled 'yoga for runners', 'yoga for pregnancy' (OK this is a good for gentle yoga practice to do while you're pregnant), 'yoga for kids', 'nude yoga', 'Hot Yoga' or 'Bikram Yoga' etc. all the same poses just a different label.

Remember in order to get any lasting benefits from yoga you must practice at least 3 times a week.

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