Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 Day yoga challenge?

So I gave myself a challenge, you know the one I’m talking about? It's the one all the cool kids on the Internet are doing. One of those fun 30 day challenges.
Well in all honesty this was not really my idea it came from one of my yoga instructors from Greenhouse Holistic. Her practice is called Jivamukti and part of this practice is to set an intention with every practice or as this one went once a month. So for the month of September the intention was, yep you guessed it 30 days of yoga. Far be it from me to ignore a physical challenge, this is right up my alley and well since I’m paying for this by the month I might as well.
Anyway I can be like the ‘Enlighten Up’ dude, well not really because like I said before I’ve been practicing yoga longer than I’ve been running. But this was different and I wanted to see if there were going to be any changes in me, plus I’ve been dealing with IT band and other running injury issues since before the summer and I could use all the help I can before November 7th and the 2010 New York City Marathon.

And Speaking of running I’m down to 3 whole days a week with biking on off days, and of course resistance training as well as 7 days a week of yoga. Some might say I exercise a lot but to be honest I cut down a bit .

Back to yoga, and as I said my main place I like to practice is Greenhouse Holistic ( And even though I’ll go and try another studio every now and then I always come back to here. Greenhouse has 3 locations, a sauna, massage, and of course top notch instructors which I’ll review in a later post as well as review my favorite yoga DVDs.

My 30 day challenge may be up but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping here. I figured I’d keep going right up until November 7th so lets call this a 60 day challenge and I’ll keep you posted on what happens from here. In future blog post I’ll tell you how practicing yoga has or hasn’t helped with running,the practice itself and how I’m improving with the asanas and just how I feel about life in general. Till then namaste.

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