Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh yee gods of the marathon why have you chosen me as one of your runners?

This Sunday I run the New Jersey Marathon once again as I have decided for some god awful reason to run a spring marathon when I should be really resting on my butt or at least taking on other challenges like maybe swimming for Triathlons or better yet training for shorter distance runs and develop my speed, yet here I stand with ego in hand running another marathon.
Why did I sign up for this I ask myself? well truth be told I signed up for this because ...
1. I ran New York in 2009 got injured and walked the last 10 miles and I needed vindication for my 5:30 finish. (as if running a 60K 2 weeks later wasn't enough.)
2.I trained my ass off for NJ last year and had the greatest training season ever but on race day it rained and I was miserable and failed to produce the time I wanted to.
So what makes this year different?
1. my training sucked balls
2.I never fully recovered from my I.T. injury
3. because of said injury I haven't put in enough miles and my long runs included way too many breaks.
But I will do this marathon just the same and it will fun for the most part and will be another learning experience.
I already know how I will train for my fall marathon and this spring hasn't been a total waste, my speed workouts have seen me PR in both the NY Half (as a bandit) and a 4 miler in central park (almost 10 seconds off my pace.)
And if these times are any indication of how I'll do on Sunday then I should really do well, the best thing I can do for myself this week is rest and get as much sleep as I can for my sore muscles.

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